Unattached Branches

This page is designed to solicit your help in connecting a family member with the rest of the family. You can help to break down those brick walls we've all run into. Most, but not all, Bunnells and Bonnells in America trace their lineage to the immigrant William Bunnell/Bonnell. A few others trace their lineage to Daniel Bonnell. But we have some families that we can't trace back to any immigrant. We're looking for assistance to connect these branches to the rest of the tree.

Each Unattached Branch will be numbered, (for example, UB-001). When we have solutions, or even clues, submitted to us, we'll update the UB box. Numbers in parenthesis after the individual's name is the number assigned in Claude Bunnell's extensive Bunnell/Bonnell/Burnell database.

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Geographic Areas
Bonnell, David L. b. 1792 KY, KS, IN, MO

Unknown McCall?
Nicy Wright?
Matilda Barnes?
Zelinda Zell?
Rachel Smith?

Bonnell, Isaac b. 28 Aug 1738 NJ, Nova Scotia Canada Grace Fox
Bonnell, Jesse b. 1792 NJ, PA, IA Elizabeth Harlseon
Bonnell, John b. 1778 GA, FL Name Unknown
Bonnell, John b. 1753/1755/1757 NJ?, PA Nancy Farrady and/or
Betsy or Nancy Pandy
Bonnell, Jonathan b. 1772 VA?, KY, MO Rebecca Dean
Bonnell, Robert b. 1675 NJ, PA Esther Wardell
Frances Chanders Goodwin
Bonnell, William 1772, 1777 VA?, KY Unknown
Bunnell, Charles b. 1840 OH McKinney, Orpha
Bunnell, Peter b. 15 Jan 1784 VA?, KY

Susanna Erwin
Harriet M. (Harlow) Perry

Bonnell, Joseph b. prob. 1763 CT Esther Gilbert
Barnell, Charles b.March 1848 born England; lived in OH, WV Emma Powell
Bonnell, Paul Served in War of 1812; died 1815 OH Sisters: Nancy and Rachel
Bunnell, (Male) Early 1800s OH, Ireland? Ann


UB-001 CHARLES BUNNELL (008546)                                                                                        

Looking for the father of Charles Bunnell.

Originally we were looking for the parents of Charles A. Bunnell. We found them and this Charles Bunnell is the father. Thanks to Chuck Bunnell of Indiana [mailto: whozher@mintel.net] for bringing this to my attention.

Charles' mother was Ann _______, based on 1850 and later census data for Whitewater Twp, Hamilton Co., OH. The father is not listed. His known siblings were:

Caroline Bunnell (1852- ?) Eliza Bunnell (1846- ?)
Margaret Bonnell (1830- ?) Betsey Bonnell (1849- ?)
Catherine Bonnell (1844- ?) William Bunnell (7 Mar 1837-25 Jul 1918)

Charles was born 1840 in OH. He married, 6 Aug 1882 in Miamitown, Hamilton Co., OH, Orpha McKinney (b. 1860 in OH; d. 19 May 1926 in Cleves, Hamilton Co., OH).


Mabel Bonnell (31 May 1883- ?), m. , Jesse Owens.
George William Bonnell (29 Jul 1886-1959), m.26 Jun 1926, Theodora Henrietta Kemps, (6 Nov 1895-20Jul 1978)
Edward Franklin Bonnell (3 Feb 1890- ?),
Charles Arthur Bonnell (22 Aug 1892-5 May 1943), m. 19 Nov 1919, Emma T. Kemps (5 May 1892-1976)

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Listed 29 Oct 2010

UB-002 PETER BUNNELL (000847)

Looking for the parents and siblings of Peter Bonnell.

Peter is one of at least seven Bunnell/Bonnell individuals who are first found in Kentucky in the late 1700s. He was born 15 Jan 1784, perhaps in VA; died 18 Jan 1868 in Hart co., KY. He married (1), 19 Jun 1810 in Green co, KY, Susanna Erwin (5 Oct 1793-8 Jun 1851); married (2), 23 Feb 1852 in Green co., KY, Harriet M. (Harlow) Perry (6 Nov 1817-12 Nov1896), widow of William D. Perry.

Peter and his wife Susannah along with 10 of their 11 children (#11 yet to be born) moved to Hart County in 1834/1835 from Green Co., Ky. It is extremely difficult to do genealogy on the families in Hart County due to the Court House in Munfordville, burning on 3 Jan 1928.

Peter Bunnell first appears on the Mercer Co., Kentucky Tax Enumeration dated 16 Oct 1807, one adult male over the age of 21 and one horse. In 1808, he is still in Mercer County enumerated on the Tax Roll. In 1809, he is on the Tax Roll of Barren Co., KY. In 1810 he is in Green County, KY where he is married on 19 June 1810. He was born in Virginia per the census records of 1850.

Issue (w/Susanna Erwin):

Nancy Bunnell (May 1911-?)
William T. Bunnell (25 Nov 1813-16 Sep 1892) m. 11 Apr 1836, Letha Houk (1816-2 Aug 1881)
Levina Bunnell (2 Mar 1815-Aug 1845) m. 13 Nov 1837 Andrew Jewell (181?-?)
Elizabeth Bunnell (1 Mar 1818-4 Aug 1855) m. 14 Feb 1834, JohnW. Forbes (181?-?)
Sarah Bunnell (10 Aug 1820-?) m. 13 Nov 1837, John Garvin (181?-?)
James Harvey Bunnell (1 Jun 1822-28 Jan 1897) m. 19 Jan 1843, Martha Ann Brownlee (1 Jun 1824-7 Feb 1916)
Samuel Washington Bunnell (10 Jun 1824-29 Sep 1895) m. 26 Jan 1846, Sarah Frances Smith (27 Dec 1827-26 Dec 1912)
John Calvin Bunnell (19 Aug 1826-3 Jun 1914) m. (1) 1 Jan 1846, Louisa Jane Deobra Leach (6 May 1827-4 Jul 1878); m. (2) 1880, Eliza Jane Brownlee (Dec 1847-?)
Joseph NewtonBunnell (18 Dec 1828-Jan 1845)
Susanna R. Bunnell (18 Dec 1830-Sep 1845)
Louisa Jane Bunnell (23 Nov 1836-?) m. 12 Jan 1854, Hiram D. Richardson (183?-?)

Issue (w/Harriet M. (Harlow) Perry):

Elvira F. Adair Bunnell (12 Dec 1853-?) m. 24 Dec1873, J. W. McConnell (185?-?)
George Gilliam Bunnell (24 Oct 1857-17 Feb 1927) m. (1) 18 Oct 1881, Eliza Caruthers McConnell (Jun 1854-?); m. (2) 1907, Sarah E. Marcum (17 May 1874-20 Aug 1916); m. (3) Lilly Owen (1872-1944)
John Willis Bunnell (29 Dec 1859-?)

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Listed 18 Sep 2005


Looking for the parents and siblings of Jonathan Bonnell.

Jonathan Bonnell is the second of the mysterious Kentucky connections that we are searching for. He was born 1772, p'haps in VA and died 18 March 1859 in Marshall Township, Platte co., MO. He is buried in the Bonnell Cemetery in Weston, MO. He married, 16 Jul 1799 in Mercer co., KY, Rebecca Dean (born 1776, died 1844 in Bartholomew co, IN, and buried in the city Cem, Columbus, IN).


Elizabeth S. Bonnell (1799-?) m. 7 Apr 1820 William Highfield (1798-?)
Mary Bunnell (180?-?) m. 1 Apr 1830 Samuel Wallace (180?-?)
Sarah Bonnell (1800-28 Oct 1872)
Thomas James Bonnell (27 Apr 1804-16 Jul 1883) m. (1) 17 Nov 1825 Elizabeth P. McConnel (1811-?);
m. (2) Elizabeth Gaines Treadway (20 Aug 1812-30 Aug 1898)
William S. Bonnell (5 Jun1810-19 Feb 1874) m. 17 Jan 1833 Catherine Shell (10 Jun1809-3 Feb 1901)
Lucinda Bonnell (14 Jun 1813-18Sep 1878) m. 4 Jul 1832 John Jacobs (180?-?)
Jonathan R. Bonnell (1817-?)
Rebecca Ann Bonnell (12 Jul 1818-22 Oct 1890) m. 30 Jul1840 William T. Lawless (181?-?)

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Listed 18 Sep 2005

UB-004 DAVID L. BONNELL (005836)

Looking for the parents and siblings of David L. Bonnell.

David Bonnell is the third Kentucky mystery. He was born in Kentucky about 1792. He may have been the son of William Bonnell, but this has not been proven. David died at South Cedar, Jackson County, Kansas, 20 February 1778.
It is not known whom, where or when he married first. He apparently married at least four times and possibly as many as five times. His first wife, and mother of some of his children, may have been a McCall, and she apparently died before 1850 because she does not appear in the 1850 census. This man is likely the David Bonnell who applied for a marriage license in Bartholomew County, Indiana 6 August 1843 to Nicy Wright. David Bonnell married at Platte County, Missouri 24 July 1852 Mrs. Matilda Barnes, and he married at Jackson County, Kansas 6 July 1860 Zellinda Zell who was born in Harrison County, Virginia, (now West Virginia) 13 June 1819, the daughter of John and Mary (Tyson) Zell. She died 26 February 1868 in Mitchel, Lawrence County, Indiana. A David Bonnell, who also may have been the same man, married in Wayne County, Indiana 20 December 1822 Rachel Smith. Nothing further is known of any of these supposed wives.

In 1825, the family was in Indiana, where their daughter, Louisa Jane, was born 6 July. The 1830 U.S. Census finds them in Parrishes Grove, Warren County, Indiana with three boys, 5-10, 10-15, and 15-20, three girls 0-5, 5-10 and 10-16. David's and his wife's ages both are listed 30-40. David's relative, (brother?) Jonathan Bonnell, [see UB-003] moved to Indiana from Kentucky in 1820, and it is likely that David moved about the same time. Jonathan apparently moved to Bartholomew County in 1821, however. David does not appear definitively in Bartholomew County until 1840. The 1840 U.S. Census for Columbus, Bartholomew County, Indiana shows that David and his family were living in Columbus. The boys had left home, or perhaps died, and five girls were still at home: one 5-10, two 10-16, two 16-26. David's and his wife's ages were over 45.

By 1850, David was single—widowed or divorced—and had moved to Platte County, Missouri, where Jonathan had moved in 1846. David was living with Charles F. Shell and his wife Elizabeth, three of their children and two of their grandchildren in Marshall Township, Platte County, Missouri. David gave his age as 59, and his occupation as blacksmith. The Shells were related by marriage: David's nephew(?), William S. Bonnell, son of Jonathan Bonnell, had married Catherine Shell, daughter of Charles and Elizabeth, and was living near his in-laws.

David appears in the 1860 census taken August 3, age 68, listed as unmarried, although he had recently married Zellinda Zell. He was living at that census with his daughter, Louisa Jane, her husband, Lewis Cox, and their children. They were then in Easton Township, Leavenworth Co., Kansas, across the Missouri River from Platte County, Missouri. (I suspect the census taker did the enumeration from memory, not bothering to visit the family to update his facts. Unaware of David's recent marriage, he assumed David was still living with the Coxes.) David was also enumerated on July 25 that same year in Jackson County, Kansas living with his new wife, Selinda Zell (sic), whom he had married on July 6. Here, David's age was cited as 60, and Selinda's as 41. Perhaps he shaved a few years off his age to make it more compatible with that of his new younger wife.

In 1870, David, age 85, was living with his son, James P. Bonnell in Holton, Douglas Township, Jackson County, Kansas. Once again, his age was inconsistent with what we believe his birth date to be—about 1792. The last mention we have found of David is his transfer of property in 1877 in Jackson County, Kansas to Katie Robbins for one dollar. The identity of Katie Robbins or her connection with the Bonnells, if any, is not known.

David Bonnell was probably closely related to Jonathan Bonnell, with whom his continuing proximity and interconnection suggest more than just coincidental association. Both Jonathan and David were born in Virginia or Kentucky (Kentucky was part of Virginia until 1791), both migrated about the same time to Indiana, settling in Bartholomew County, both migrated again about the same time from Indiana to Platte County, Missouri, and David Bonnell was living in 1850 with Jonathan Bonnell's daughter-in-law's parents. In addition, David Bonnell's great-granddaughter Minnie Glidden married Jonathan Bonnell's great-grandson George Jackson Lawles.

Issue (w/ ____ McCall- IF (a big if) this David Bonnell was the man who married in Wayne County, IN 25 Dec 1822 Rachel Smith, Rachel could have been the mother of all of David's children born between that date and 1843, when he married Nicy Wright. I therefore hesitate to state that McCall? was the mother of Louisa, Martha Isabella, and Mary Adeline. There's so much we can't find. Who was McCall, anyway? I've looked through Kentucky records ad infinitem and though there are lots of McCalls there, nothing links up with David.)

James P. Bonnell (1817-aft. 1870); m. before 1840 Amy Anna Ashley.
Son, (between 1820&1825-?). Nothing further known. (Inferred from census.)
Louisa Jane Bonnell (6 July 1825-11 Oct 1907) m. 30 Sept. 1841 Lewis Cox.
Mary Adaline Bonnell (23 Dec. 1831-5 Jan. 1925) m. 16 Feb. 1844 William Thomas Paslay
Margaret Isabella Bonnell (19 Sep. 1833-20 Feb. 1923) m. (1) 20 March 1849 Jesse Cox m. (2) before 1870 John Harris
Amanda M. Bonnell Possibly a daughter, not proven; m. 31 Jan. 1843 Charles W. Gaston.
Nancy Bonnell Possibly a daughter, not proven; m. 24 March 1836 John Cumins. Nancy may have been the daughter listed in the 1830 census 10-16 years old, making her birth date 1814-1820.

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Listed 18 Sep 2005

UB-005 WILLIAM BONNELL ( 010886)

Looking for the parents, siblings, spouse and children of William Bonnell

William Bonnell may be connected to the Bonnells in Kentucky cited above. The following discussion was submitted by one of the descendents of David Bonnell, described above in UB-004:

A search of Virginia records yielded two references to William Bonnell in Spotsylvania County. The first was a deed in which Paul McClancy(?) and Rose his wife sold land in Spotsylvania County to Peter Roswell 23 April 1772. Witnesses were William Bonnel, Jacob Wright and Wm Hall. [Spotsylvania Deed Book H, pgs 218-220]. The second reference to William Bonnell was the awarding of letters of administration of the estate of Jacob Wright to William Bonnell, Henry Coleman and Samuel Bonnell on 20 March 1777. The letters of administration were granted after Ann Wright, widow of Jacob Wright, and Dennies Wright, eldest son of Jacob Wright, gave up all right of Administration. [Spotsylvania Will Book E, pgs 174, 175.] I hired a professional genealogist to search for other records relating to the Bonnells, and he could find no other mention of William Bonnell or any other Bonnell/Bunnell in Spotsylvania County after 1777.

The next reference in Virginia to William Bunnell that I found was in Rockbridge County, Virginia, when Joseph Lyon and Wm Bunnell posted bond on 6 April 1792 for the intended marriage of Joseph Lyon and Rebecca Bonnell, daughter of Wm Bonnell of Rockbridge. [http://www.rootsweb.com~usgenweb/va/ rockbridge/images/1792/1792-016.jpg]

Coincidentally, a marriage bond was also issued on 7 May 1787 in Rockbridge County for Anne Wright "Widow of this County" and William Arnold. [http://www.rootsweb.com~usgenweb.va/rockbridge/ images/1787/1787-014.jpg] The presence of both "widow" Anne Wright and William Bonnell in Rockbridge County within five years of each other is a strong suggestion that these were the same two people who were connected to Jacob Wright in Spotsylvania County earlier.

A William Bannill was awarded a "Commonwealth's Grant of Patent" in Virginia (now in Kentucky) 4 November 1786. [Commonwealth's Grants of Patents (1779-1801) Now in Kentucky, Military District, Filmed by the Virginia State Library Photographic Laboratory, FHL microfilm 0,007,811]. Several of us speculate that this William Bunnell may be the father of Jonathan, David, Joseph, Peter, John, Samuel, Jeremiah, William, Jr. and other Bonnell/Bunnells who settled in Kentucky in the last two decades of the 18th century. (Incidentally, the same grant of land was listed in the same microfilm in Fayette County, Kentucky to a William Pannell. Was Pannell yet another spelling of Bunnell? The grant in both listings was identical and was for 150 acres on the "waters of Severns Creek a branch of Hinksons fork of Licking adjoining the lands of Ebenezer Severns.")

Was this the same William Bonnell whose daughter Rebecca married Joseph Lyons, and whose connection with Anne Wright apparently continued from Spotsylvania County to Rockbridge County?

Later Bonnell/Bunnell connections in Kentucky and Indiana with Lyons and Wrights could be coincidental, or could indicate a continuing relationship among these families. Louisa Bunnell married David Lyon in 1836 and Kitty Ann Bunnell married George W. Wright in 1867 in Mercer County Kentucky. [Mercer County KY Marriage Index.] David Bonnell married Nicy Wright in Bartholomew County, Indiana on 16 August 1843. [Bartholomew County Indiana Marriages, Vol.1, 1821-1920, A-Lac, copy of marriage certificate in my possession.]

Another curious fact is the presence of Hugh Lusk, David Lusk, and Samuel Lusk in Rockbridge County, Virginia as indicated in the marriage bond records cited above, and the presence of Hugh, James, John, Samuel and William Lusk in the area that later became Kentucky. Hugh Lusk was among petitioners opposing the erection of the district of Kentucky into a separate state based upon an act concerning the erection Aug. 1787. Samuel Lusk petitioned requesting "Inspection of Tobacco below the mouth of Tate Creek on the lands of Michael Bedinger", Nov. 4, 1787, and Hugh Lusk and Samuel Lusk, in Fayette County, and William Lusk in Mercer County were all listed in the First Census of Kentucky, 1790. (Taken from tax lists.)

David Bonnell's middle name was Lusk, and David's son James P. Bonnell named his son David Lusk Bonnell.

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Listed 22 Sep 2005

UB-006 JOHN BONNELL (004113)

Looking for the parents and siblings of John Bonnell

The following description is taken from The Bunnell~Bonnell Newsletter, Vol. VIII, No. 4, October 1994, Page 45 and was written by William R. Austin, publisher of the newsletter at that time:

Several of our surscribers are searching for the origin of John Bonnell CB004113. The name of his wife is given variously as Nancy Farrady or Betsy or Nancy Pandy. It has been suggested that either he or his wife, or both, were born in Ireland. As far as John is concerned, my personal belief is that he was born in New Jersey, a descendant of the Nathaniel Bonnell who settled in Elizabethtown in 1665. With no evidence, however, I am not prepared to defend that belief.

It is said that John was born in 1757 or about 1753. The 1800 census indicates that he was over 45 in that year, so I lean toward the earlier date. He is difficult to follow in the records, since his name appears in so many different spellings. He appears first in the rolls of the Lancaster co, PA, militia, in 1776, 1779, 1781 and 1782, listed as John Bonnell, John Bundle, and John Burnell. Apparently, throughout this period he lived in what is no Dauphin co, PA, but was then part of Lancaster co.

Sometime before 1790, John moved his family (except for oldest son Thomas) to Northumberland co, PA, where he appears in the census that year as John Bundle. Northumberland co then included the area near Jersey Shore where John bought land in 1794. In 1795 this part of Northumberland co was set off as Lycoming co.

A few years later John sold his property in Lycoming co and moved to Erie co, PA. he appers there in the 1800 census as John Bonel and in the 1810 census as John Bunnell. He died in Erie co in 1845, but whether or not he lived there all that time is not clear to me. There is no record of him that I have found in the census data for 1820, 1830 or 1840. Perhaps he appears somewhere under another odd spelling of his name.

The LDS family sheets list the parents of John Bonnell as William and Nancy (Parrody) Bunnell but no primary source information is available to confirm this. It is also suggested that he was married to Nancy Farraday, who bore him 6 children, and then Betsey Pandy. Other descendents trace themselves to John and Betsey.

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Listed 22 Sep 2005

UB-007 JOHN BONNELL (000768)

Looking for the parents, siblings, spouse and children of John Bonnell

This John Bonnell was probably born in Camden co GA in 1778. The 1820 census shows him there. In 1830 he is in Alachua co, FL and in 1840 and 1850 he is in Columbia co, FL. Also in 1850 he is with his son, John Jr. John Sr. also had a daughter Eliza or Elizabeth and 1 other daughter and son according to the census data. Eliza/Elizabeth, b. 1810, married John Milledge Brannen, son of John Milledge and Eleanor (Baggs) Brannen, Sr.

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Listed 24 Sep 2005

UB-008 ROBERT BONNELL (002881)

Looking for the parents and siblings of Robert Bonnell

Robert Bonnell was born in 1675. He married (1) 4 aug 1699, at the house of Eliakim Wardell of Quaker Meeting in Shrewsbury, Monmouth co, NJ, Esther Wardell, b. 167?, d. prob. before 1707); (2) 16 Oct 1707, Philadelphia, PA, Frances Chanders Goodwin b.167?, d. 1750 in Burlington co., NJ. Issue (all of wife 2): Thomas (170?-?), Hannah (171?-1754), John (171?-?), Samuel (1721-1767).

Robert may have been from New Jersey as his first marriage took place there in Monmouth county. Though he moved back to New Jersey from Philadelphia about 1721, the area he moved to, Gloucester co, is directly across the Delaware River from Philadelphia. While his first marriage took place in Monmouth co, it doesn't appear likely that he he descended from Nathaniel Bonnell, of Monmouth co. and son of the immigrant William, unless Nathaniel had another, up-to-now unknown, son. Also, Robert was a Quaker, which is not common to that line.

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Listed 18 December 2005

UB-009 JESSE BONNELL (000305)

Looking for the parents and siblings of Jesse Bonnell

Jesse was born in 1792, in New Jersey and died 17 July 1871 in Marion, Linn co, Iowa. He married, 16 August 1818, Marietta, Lancaster co, PA, Elizabeth Harlseon, b. 17 March 1794 in PA, d. 2 June 1874, Marion, Linn co, Iowa. He volunteered for service on 26 Sep 1814 at Maytown, PA and was discharged 4 Dec 1814. Between 1850 and 1855 the family relocated from Mercer co, PA to Marion, Linn co, Iowa where he was a stone quarrier.

Issue: Amelia (1820-?), Joseph (1821-1915), Isaac (1827-?), Catherine (1829-?), Mary (1831-?), Caroline (1834-?).

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Listed 18 December 2005

UB010 ISAAC BONNELL (028129)

Looking for the parents and siblings of Isaac Bonnell

One of the Bunnell/Bonnell Newsletter subscribers asks:

“Has anyone made any progress on the antecedents of my Loyalist GGG-GF Isaac Bonnel(l), b. 1738 (?) in NJ(?), d. 1806 in Nova Scotia? Not the same man as another Loyalist, Isaac Bunnell, who went to New Brunswick. My Isaac is my biggest, thickest brick wall. I've suspected that the AmRev brought bad blood to the family, so that my Isaac just "forgot" his antecedents. But his son Wm Franklin Bonnell wasn't forgotten by his godfather, Ben Franklin's Loyalist son William, former colonial governor of NJ who found refuge in England. WFB got a nice bequest from him.”

Ed comments: Isaac was born 28 Aug 1738 in NJ. He married Grace Fox at Perth Amboy, NJ on 3 Dec 1763. The earliest known mention of Isaac is in 1763 when he is a witness on a will in Perth Amboy, Middlesex co., NJ. He remained in that county until 1775 or 1776 when he is arrested for being a Loyalist and taken to Mercer county. He moves to Digby, Nova Scotia, Canada shortly thereafter and remains there until his death in 1806.

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Listed 12 Jun 2006


Looking for the parents and siblings of Joseph Bonnell

One of our subscribers is trying to connect her line back to William the immigrant.

She has connected her line back to Joseph Bunnell, 013196 in Claude’s database. He was born about 1763, probably in CT. She says "I have seen Claude's website, which is great. I do have a copy of Joseph's pension papers from the Revolution that I sent for. My line of Bunnell family was in Fairfield County, CT for a long time. I visited a cemetery there, Oak Hill, in Southport where a lot of them are buried. 3 brothers left to go to NYC & Brooklyn in the late 1800's.”

Ed Note: William Austin, in The Bunnell/Bonnell Family in America, page 101, states about Gershom (son of Gershom): "No children have been identified, although [Ruth] Duncan thinks he could have been the father of Joseph and Gershom. Although I have seen no evidence to support this relationship, and Duncan offers none, I am aware of no conflicting evidence either.”

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Listed 6 May 2007


Looking for the parents, siblings and possibly the true name of Charles Barnell

This is probably the most challenging unattached branch I’ve seen. The searcher provides the following history.

My ancestor, Charles Barnell (1848-1907) came to America as a stowaway ca 1864. He enlisted in Co. B. 213 Volunteer Pennsylvania Infantry under the alias of RICHARD NORTH. He was married in August of 1867 in Gallia County, Ohio [to Emma Powell] as CHARLES BUNNELL. He was listed in the 1870 census of Gallia County, Ohio as CHARLES PENNELL. I believe most of the records from this point forward were CHARLES BARNELL. He is listed in the 1880 census of Jackson County, Ohio as CHARLES BARNELL. In the special veterans census of 1890 for Wayne County, WV, he is listed as CHARLES BARNELL. In the 1900 census of Wayne County, WV, he is listed as CHARLES BARNELL. He is listed in the death records of Wayne County, WV in 1907 as CHARLES BARNELL. I have been unable to locate him in the 1851 or 1861 census of England or Wales. I have also been unable to find him in the birth records of England or Wales during the time period of from 1837 through 1850.

This past March 2006 I spent a few days in London, England. I did not have time to spend at the Society of Genealogists doing the desired research. I do believe that the English pronunciation of the letter A as in "BA BA Black Sheep "ave you any wool!" may be closer to the pronunciation used by my great grandfather, Charles Barnell. I suspect that the letter R was later added to the surname. I cannot be sure until I locate my ancestor somewhere in England. I am not sure how accurate the indexes to birth records for England are? If my ancestor had a different forename or first name than Charles, as well as another spelling for the surname, I really have a difficult job.

I started with BARNELL and changed the vowel A to an E, then to an I, then an O, then a U. BERNELL, BIRNELL, BORNELL, BURNELL. I also tried throwing the R away to create BANNELL. BENNELL, BINNELL, etc. This did not help much either.

My great grandfather said that he used the alias of Richard North to prevent his father from sending to America and making him return. According to family members that I have interviewed concerning Charles Barnell, he was an only son, and an only grandson. He had a sister, name unknown. He was a small man. His pension records indicate that he was 5 feet, 1 and a half inches tall. His hair was sandy to red in color. He had at least three red headed children. He listed his profession in the military enlistment papers as a "paper stainer!" This would be someone who applied paint to wall paper.

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Listed 6 May 2007

UB013 PAUL BONNELL (037112)

Looking for the parents of Paul Bonnell

In a August 2006 issue of the Newsletter, I mentioned, based on Ancestry Weekly Journal articles, that the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) had many land patent records available on line (www.glorecords.blm.gov). I found one for a Paul Bonnell/Bunnell. It stated that “ … is granted to Nancy McLaughlin, sister and the other heirs at law of Paul Bonnell or Bunnell, late a Private in Lynnes Co of the first Regt. Inf …a certain tract of land containing 160 acres … in the Territory of Arkansas.” The warrant was based on the “Acts of Congress appropriating and granting Land to the late Army of the United States, passed on and since the sixth day of May, 1812 …” The patent was dated 15 August 1826.

To confirm who this Paul was I applied to the National Archives for a copy of the Land Warrant Application File which would provide more information. I received copies of 7 pages of original, handwritten material.

From the Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas, Cincinnati, Ohio: The court findings, 20 August 1824, are that Paul Bonnell was never married, that he died in the service of his country in the War of 1812, that his parents were deceased, and that Nancy Bonnell (now Nancy McLaughlin) and Rachel Bonnell (now Rachel Hall) are his heirs at law.

From (illegible Illegible) Office, Washington, 8 April 1825. “By the returns of Capt. Lymmes 1 Infy: It appears that Paul Bonnell, a private enlisted on the 29 Jany 1814 for 5 years and by the hospital return from Brownville he is reported to have died on the 8th of March 1815.”

From a 22 Dec 1825 letter, Cincinnati, OH from Samuel Hunt (apparently a lawyer) to the Bounty Land Clerk: to inform him of “… the heirship of Charles Mclaughlin and others who are the heirs of the said Paul Bonnell.”

So it appears that Paul Bonnell had two sisters and that the husband (Charles McLaughlin) of one of them was the key player in claiming the land patent that was later awarded. Claude has added him to the data base but we don’t know his parentage. Looking for any help here.

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Listed 6 May 2007

UB014 (Male) BUNNELL (005626)

Looking for the name, birthplace and parents of (Male) Bunnell

Cathy (Bunnell) Converse, frisian62@yahoo.com, is a descendant of (Male) and Ann Bunnell and is trying to find out who (Male) is and from whence he cometh.

Simply based on the age of his wife, Ann, in the census data we can assume that (Male) was born sometime around 1814 or so. That’s the approximate birth year of ann. Also based on census data we know that they had 7 children: Margaret (b. 1830), William (b. 1837), Charles (b. 1840), Catherine (b. 1844), Eliza (b. 1846, Betsey (b. 1849) and Caroline (b. 1852). Interestingly, though Ann shows up, with new children, in the 1850 and 1860 census for Whitewater Township, Hamilton Co., OH., no husband is listed. In the 1870 census, she is still listed there, but there are no additional children.

As for (Male)’s birthplace, that is equally mysterious. The first census that included place of father’s birth was 1880. Son Charles (b. 1840) can’t be found in the 1880 census, the 1890 census data is incomplete, and Charles died in 1893. However his brother William appears in the 1880 census (Indiana, Henry County, New Castle) and reports his father as being born in Ohio. In the 1900 census however (same location), he reports his father as having been born in Ireland. That’s an interesting change of birth places. I can’t find him in the 1910 census and he is dead before the 1920 census.

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Listed 6 May 2007