Updated: 29 June 2008


Ever since I was but a wee lad playing in my sandbox with a little red toy sports car, I have loved the big-winged sports cars: 1934 Mercedes, 1937 Jaguars, etc, and especially the common-man's big-winged sports car, the MG T series. Over the years Pat and I have owned 3 MG Midgets and an Austin-Healey Sprite but they were all of the 1960s and 1970s variety and did not have those beautiful fenders.

In March of 2005 we finally purchased one and have embarked on the never-ending journey of restoration. This site will lead you through our trip

When we bought our little toy car in 2005 we knew that it would take some work. But we were sufficiently naive enough to believe the work would be over quickly and the fun would begin immediately. This is what our little beauty looked like when we bought it. Really not too bad and it ran well.
We even named our little toy. And took it to a couple of "Cruise-Ins."

Here's our photo journey of the restoration:
Stage 1 is the dismemberment of little Chitty Bang.
Stage 2 is the clean-up, restoration, and parts ordering to prepare her for her "make-over."
Stage 3 is the first step in the reassembly: installation of the engine and tranny.
Stage 4 is the second step in the reassembly: The tub is painted and we start hanging "stuff" on it.
Stage 5 is The Coming Together. When all the parts are put on and the test drive is taken
Stage 6 is the 2008 -2009 shows and drives that Chitty-Bang participated in.