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Welcome To The Bunnell ~ Bonnell Family Genealogy Web Site

This is a dedicated Bunnell and Bonnell family history and genealogical research site. Members can access the historic Bunnell/Bonnell Newsletter by clicking the Members button on the left and entering your username and password. Public pages are available to everyone. You are invited to submit articles for those pages. We have a library of web sites (Sites & Links) with Bunnell ~ Bonnell family information and other useful genealogical research information.

We are now linked to the Claude Bunnell database website (WilliamBunnellFamily.org). With Claude's passing we are now maintaining and updating that database. If you aren't familiar with it, it is free and contains about 40,000 Bonnell/Bunnell/Burnell/etc individuals. It is a living website that is constanly open to revision. Send your changes for that database to db@bunnellfamily.com.


28 June 2015: I have started posting Vols 11 & 12 that Margaret Rutledge so kindly reaccomplished for us. I have 11-1 loaded and will finish the rest of them over the next few days.

2 March 2015: We've added another immigrant to our list. To read about him and his family, go to Public Pages, then Immigrants and select James Bonell.

19 December 2014: The December issue is ready for your perusal.

12 Sep 2014: The August newsletter is ready in the members' section. Enjoy.

10 June 2014: The Newsletter for May is ready for perusal. Read it and enjoy it, and don't forget we're still looking for someone to take over the newsletter

18 March 2014:
THEY'RE DONE! The first 10 years of the newsletter, all of those done by William Austin, are available in the Members Section. Thanks to Margaret Rutledge for completeing Volume 10.

12 March 2014: The first Newsletter of 2014 is ready for your reading enjoyment. Just click on Members and fill in the missing information. Enjoy!


Updated 28 June 2015

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