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We have ceased publication of the Bunnell/Bonnell Newsletter. However we have nearly 28 years of the newsletter on line. We are currently missing about 2 years worth that are being retyped. The original newsletter was done on a typewriter.

We are offering subscriptions allowing unlimited viewing/downloading/printing of the past issues for $10. You will have access for as long as we are maintaining the web pages UNLESS a new editor/publisher steps forward for the newsletter. At that time you will be offered an opportunity to subscribe to the new Bunnell/Bonnell Newsletter.

To subscribe, send a check in the amount of $10 made out to Charlie Bunnell and mail it to:
Charlie Bunnell
13 Windsor Point
Crossville, TN 38558

I'd appreciate an e-mail as a heads-up just in case we're on vacation and don't open you envelope for a month. Please let us know your interest in the Bu/Bonnell name and if possible your lineage as far back as you have it. You can use a simple lineage like the following, starting with the oldest known ancestor:

Etc. up to your name

The monies earned in this way will be used for the BNL_dna program. (www.ftdna.com/public/BNL_dna). We invite Bunnell/Bonnell males to partiipate in our program. We especially welcome BNLs from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales to participate and we can offer financial offsets for the cost of the testing.



Updated 19 December 2014