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Welcome To The Bunnell ~ Bonnell Family Genealogy Web Site

This is a dedicated Bunnell and Bonnell family history and genealogical research site. Members can access the historic Bunnell/Bonnell Newsletter by clicking the Members button on the left and entering your username and password. Public pages are available to everyone. You are invited to submit articles for those pages. We have a library of web sites (Sites & Links) with Bunnell ~ Bonnell family information and other useful genealogical research information.

We are now linked to the Claude Bunnell database website (WilliamBunnellFamily.org). With Claude's passing we are now maintaining and updating that database. If you aren't familiar with it, it is free and contains about 40,000 Bonnell/Bunnell/Burnell/etc individuals. It is a living website that is constanly open to revision. Send your changes for that database to db@bunnellfamily.com.

About the Bunnell-Bonnell Newsletter;

The Bunnell-Bonnell Newsletter was hosted on this site for several years, but is no longer being published. To fill that void and continue the efforts of the editors of the Newsletter, Margaret Rutledge created the Bunnell-Bonnell Family blogspot, to share information on the various branches of the family tree. Please visit her blog to continue sharing family genealogical information.


Updated 31 March 2019

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