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Welcome To The "About Us" Page


Who We Are


Charlie & Pat Bunnell"We" are Charlie and Pat Bunnell, husband and wife, who have been dabbling in Bunnell genealogy for about 40 years. The "Young" Chuck Bunnell third "we" involved in this internet adventure is our son, Chuck who is providing web page building advice and oversight, server storage and related magic stuff. Charlie & Pat live in Tennessee, while Chuck lives in South Carolina.

Charlie spent 25 years on active duty in the the Air Force and then another 16 as an Air Force civilian. So, we've lived all over the world. Pat spent 20 years as an Air Force civilian and another 22 years at various and sundry jobs including housewife and mommy. We are now retired and love it.

Our ancestor charts are avalable on line if you want to take a look.

Charlie's Ancestor Chart.

Pat's Ancestor Chart.



Updated 29 October 2019