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The Bunnell ~ Bonnell Family Newsletter History


The Bunnell/Bonnell Newsletter was in continuous publication from January 1987 until November 2014 - 28 continuous years. Mr. William Austin of Lacyville, PA started the Newsletter in order to share some of the material he had collected during 25 years of research and correspondence. That first issue was 8 pages long. Over the years Bill grew the Newsletter both in content and in subscribers, and he became one of the foremost experts on the Bunnell/Bonnell genealogy.

After 10 years of publishing the newsletter, Bill turned it over to Carole Bonnell and her sister-in-law Teri Bonnell. Their first publication was in January 1997. Like Bill, they published an outstanding Newsletter and provided a much needed forum for Bunnell and Bonnell researchers to share information and ask questions.

Finally, in January 2003, in answer to Carole's and Teri's calls for new editors, Charlie and Pat Bunnell decided to give it a try. Charlie had just retired and was looking for something new to "obsess" over.

The newsletter has always been an informal, information sharing publication with all of the subscribers recognizing and treating each other as family.

The newsletter ceased publication with the November 2014 issue. We anxiously await anyone who wouild like to bring it back to life. You can subscribe to the website and have access to the past issues. For more info, click here.

To fill that void and continue the efforts of the editors of the Newsletter, Margaret Rutledge created the Bunnell-Bonnell Family blogspot, to share information on the vaious branches of the family tree. Please visit her blog to continue sharing family genealogical information.

As of Sept 26, 2019 the Newsletters, Obituaries, & Indexes are open to the public for FREE!

For a Free Download of Adobe Acrobat, Click Here



Updated 26 Sep 2019