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The Sites Section page has become an eclectic collection of websites providing Bunnell/Bonnell/Burnell information, or sites with genealogical information, or sites that have at least a tenuous connection to Bunnell/Bonnell/Burnell and are interesting. We recently redesigned that section into a listing of categories.

The Links Section will link you to other family researchers engaged in "digging up" lost Bunnell/Bonnell/Burnell relatives. If you want your website or e-mail address added, send me an email giving me the particulars

Updated 29 October 2019


These web sites have been selected for their overall utility to most researchers. Some are specific to Bunnell/Bonnell/Burnell research, while others provide general research information or tools. We want your feedback so let us know your experiences using them.

Categories of sites are:

Bunnell/Bonnell Genealogical Sites Bunnell/Bonnell Biographies
Sites with Bunnell/Bonnell Data Bunnells/Bonnells of Interest
Bunnell/Bonnell Landmarks General Research Sites
Military Genealogical Aids



Claude Bunnell's Database is probably the most complete Bunnell, Bonnell and Burnell families database in existence with more than 44,000 Bunnell/Bonnell/Burnell members and it's user friendly.

Bonnell family history is only one of the features of this site. You'll also be treated to some Bunnell history and a little humor.

Bonnells of Pine Creek Valley, PA specializes in the family and area indicated but it is a well designed site and includes some photos.

"Pennsylvania's Pine Creek Valley and Pioneer Families" - Steven Bonnell has posted the complete 'BONNELL' contents of Spencer L. Kraybill's 1354-page book published in 1991. This is being displayed with written permission from Spencer Kraybill's wife, Marie Kraybill.

The Bunnell, Bonnell and Burnell GENFORUM sites provide a means of e-mail discussions and exchanges of information between researchers. Extremely useful.

A Real Bonnell French Connection is at this site. As of 18 May 2004 he has about 204 names in there, 60 of which are Bonnells.

Some Bunnells can be found at Kay Cutshall's website. Other related lines are also available. Her page will also lead you to the Rootswebs Bunnell and Bonnell mail lists and message boards.


Claude Bunnell's bio is available at this site. Makes you proud to have him as part of the family.

William Bonnell, the artist, has a biography at this site of the National Gallery of Art. One of his paintings can be viewed at this NGA site.

John C. & George W. Bonnell of Lancaster Co. Nebraska have biographies at this site.

Frank Charles Bunnell of Wyoming County, PA is remembered at this site.


Bonnell Politicians, Bunnell Politicians, and Burnell Politicians can be found at these "The Political Graveyard" pages. Thanks go to Cecil Bunnell for bringing these to our attention.

Burr Oak Cemetery, Burr Oak Township, St. Joseph Co., MI has many Bunnells buried there so take a look.

Bunnell or Bonnell mail lists can be accessed from these Rootsweb sites. You can also dig into their archived material.

Tri-Counties Genealogy & History Site by Joyce M. Tice has over 9000 excellent pages dealing with Chemung Co., NY and Bradford and Tioga Counties, PA. There are more than 150 Bonnell~Bunnell entries in those 9000 pages.

Sullivan Co. NY & Litchfield Co. CT are the focal points of this history and genealogy site. They gather documents and other source material, index them and make them available on CDs. Their search engine showed 10 Bonnell hits, but some of those hits had as many as 25 separate Bonnell references. It identified 3 Bunnell hits.

Mainly New England but also Michigan data is available here. This website has “more than 2100 data files for CT, MA, RI, NJ, NY & MI including over 400 will & probate files, 300 deeds & over 300 gravestone photos from Middlesex Co., CT.” The site has a search engine to save you time and frustration.

British Loyalists are also part of the Bunnell/Bonnell history and this site will give you access to the writer/researcher with the info, Paul Bunnell. The latest edition of his book, Thunder Over New England,Benjamin Bonnell, the Loyalist is now available. It is nearly triple in size from the previous edition, growing from 108 pages to 322.


A French Connection to a Bonnell is at this site. Actually it's the resume' for a Stephane Bonnell in Paris, France. If you speak French, you may want to contact him and say hello. See if he's interested in donating to the newsletter. His father has a French Bonnell site listed above.


Bunnell Point in Yosemite is described at this site.

Bunnell/Bonnell Landmarks is all you'll find at this new site that we are building. You're invited to send in your material.


Top 100 sites for genealogy are listed here. It's sort of like this page: a site that lists other sites. Thanks to Sarah Brian of Forever Curious for this info.

Vermont-French Canadian connections can be researched here. However, for the most effective researching it appears that you'll need to join their society. Without joining, I located one Burnell within 3 minutes of getting on the site.

The US GenWeb project is the Cadillac of genealogical sites. After starting at their home page and working down to the county you're interested in, you'll be able to do research in nearly any county in the U.S.

Access to Archival Databases is the title of this National Archives page which "allows searches of 50 million-plus records - drawn from 350 federal databases" according to the Washington Post. If I had a site of the quarter, this would be it. I recommend using their "sample search" as a learning tool.

High School Alumni are searchable at this rootsweb site. I tried it with Bonnell and Bunnell in several states and got hits. In some cases it even tells you the address of the individual when he/she graduated.

Cemetery Transcription Library is a handy tool for going through the cemeteries from the comfort of your home. Don't forget that some of the county pages available through the GenWeb project also have cemetery information.

http://findagrave.com/ This site is free and has over 120 million grave sites listed.I have used this many, many times and highly recommend it.

A Billion Graves is a competitor to findagrave. I'm not sure how myany records they have but they have a different approach involving, a phone app and volunteers. Click on the Learn More video. Thanks to Sarah Brian of Forever Curious for this info.

The Library of Congress has several useful sites. This one takes you to their map collection.

The National Archives is a warehouse of information, no pun intended.

Database searches can be done from here and some military records, city directories, and death records are available at this Distant Cousin web site. Some pages though lead to "fee for service" sites.

Connecticut Colonial Records are available from this site. It is not the most user-friendly site I’ve seen; for example you can’t search all of the records at once by surname. But the records are divided up by time periods and then you can search by name within each time period. I searched the first three volumes (April 1636-April 1665, May 1665- Nov 1677, May 1678-Jun 1689) and could not find any Bunnells/Bonnells in any of the various spelling variations. None the less it is interesting reading and also presents some insight into the laws and mores of the time.

Bob's Genealogy Filing Cabinet II has a lot of useful information about the early colonial period, especially for the southern states. If you want to know about Tithables or Colonial Legal Terminology, this is the site for you.


Military Records including Australian, New Zealand, British, Irish and United Sataes are here, along with history acrticles about the various wars. Thanks to Sarah Brian of Forever Curious for this info.

U.S. Military info is a Rootsweb site. The number of names listed doesn't match the NARA data base, but there are a few Bunnells and at least one Bonnell there.

Civil War Soldiers & Sailors can be found at this FREE National Park Service website. It provides names and units for all Union and Confederate Soldiers and Sailors and provides information about each unit. Thanks to Kay Cutshall for finding this great site.

Online military indexes and records are available here for the wars the US was in, from the Revoluitionary War to Viet Nam. Thanks to Sarah Brian of Forever Curious for this info


Getting started in Genealogy may be a little easier if you take a look at this site first. It contains more websites for you to visit and help you on your way. Thanks to Nancy Mitchell of the Apple Creek Historical Society, Ohio

Genealogy and the Law might be a good read if you plan on publishing or just sharing the material your careful, exhaustive research has uncovered. Thanks to Sarah Brian of Forever Curious for this info

Epidemics can wipe out entire families at once. This site lists the years and areas of the country that various epidemics have visited.

Inflation calculations are a snap, at least from 1800 forward, using this site. So if you want to figure out how much grt-grt-grt grandpa paid for that property in today's dollars, here's the place to do it.

A perpetual Calendar would tell you that July 4th, 1776 was a Thursday.

Your own Webpage can be built at this site. Of course, we'd rather you let us share your data here.

Download FREE FORMS from Ancestry.com or Family Tree Magazine.

Abe Books has the inventories of used book stores around the world in one searchable database. It's fun and easy to use and the prices are reasonable. I found some old, old books there as well as recent ones. I guess that's what you'd expect in a used books store.


Researching in Europe may be easier after you review this website. Thanks to Sarah Brian of Forever Curious for this info

http://www.freecen.org.uk/ for the UK; is still being populated with data."FreeCEN is part of FreeUKGEN, an initiative aimed at helping make high quality primary (or near-primary) records of relevance to UK genealogy conveniently and freely available online, in a coherent, easy to access and search, information retrieval system."

http://www.workhouses.org.uk is a fascinating site if you enjoy history. I had no idea how many poorhouses or workhouses there used to be in Britain. This site tells the story of them and at many of the sites for individual houses, you can look up the staff and inmates by name. Yep, there are some Bo/Bunels there –inmates.

http://www.oldbaileyonline.org/ lists court cases in London and there are several Bunells and Bonells (with variations) listed in there. Thanks to John Bonnell and his son for that find. It is really interesting to read and they have copies of the original documents that you can read and print.

http://www.childrenshomes.org.uk/ From the site: "The Children's Homes website aims to provide information on all the many and varied institutions that became home for thousands of children and young people in Britain."

http://search.ancestry.co.uk/search/category.aspx?cat=141 Court, Government & Criminal Records in the UK

http://www.ancestry.co.uk/cs/uk/bmd - Birth, Marriage & Death Records for the UK

http://www.ancestry.co.uk/cs/uk/military - Military Records

E-mail Links:

The folks listed below are busily digging up information about their relatives and maybe yours. Interested in trading info? Send them an e-mail and tell them you saw their name on www.bunnellfamily.com. If you want your name added, email us. Tell us which family name you're interested in and if you're interested in a particular location and/or time period let us know that too.

Start with me. I love receiving e-mail about the Bunnell family. I'll have to admit I hadn't been researching the Bonnell/Burnell lines. But I am working on EVERETT, DONEY, CASTIGLIONE and GUARINO. For the Bunnell line I've been concentrating on Tioga County, NY.

William Austin is one of the most knowledgeable BUNNELL and BONNELL researchers. He has published Vol. II of The Bunnell/Bonnell Family In America and has pretty well retired from Bunnell/ Bonnell research.

Rachal Lohr is researching BUNNELL ancestors of Francis Ruth Bunnell who was b:1924 in Oklahoma and married Thane Stanley Lohr. Her father was William Henry Bunnell (b: 1901 Arkansas d: 1985 San Jose, CA).

Cecil Bunnell is a long time BUNNELL researcher and is also deeply into the DONEY Family. Cecil is from the Tioga Co. NY Bunnells.

Chet Bunnell has been researching the BUNNELL Family for many years and also hails from the Tioga County, NY line.

Paul Bunnell has published (2003) "Thunder Over New England, Benjamin BONNELL, The Loyalist." He has done a lot of research on the "wing" of the family that settled in Canada after the Revolutionary War. For info on Loyalists' books and material, see his website.

Steve Bonnell has Bonnell family data and is anxious to discuss it. Don't over look his homepage.

Kay [Aldrich] Cutshall is the administrator for the BONNELL Rootsweb message board as well as being a researcher. And she has a nice website.

Joanne Rexford's grandmother was Emma BUNNELL, dau. of Ira and Elizabeth Hively BUNNELL from Ohio. If you have connections to that line, drop Joanne an e-mail.

Irene Transue is interested in the Bunnells in the Wyoming Valley, PA area. Specifically Henry Bunnell and his wife Anna VanAllen.Their daughter Alice Bertha Bunnell was born in Lovelton, PA and Irene is trying to find out more about Henry and Anna.


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